I’m Beth Conley and my role at Lakeside Fit Body is “Ambassador” -- a fun title that Lesa and I made up -- but what it really means is that a big part of my job is to make sure people new to us and our continuing members get all the assistance they need in starting and continuing their fitness journey.

Though I love my role at the gym, I am a special education teacher in Wauwatosa by day. I started working out with Lesa ten years ago and it changed my life. I really never thought I would be one of those working out kind of people but I love it, and more importantly, have stuck with it!

Besides my “Ambassador” duties at the gym, I am Lesa’s right-hand person, assisting her in any way I can to keep things running smoothly.  In addition, I have a certification in exercise nutrition from Precision Nutrition.  I found the food part of fitness to be tricky for myself and many of our members.  Feel free to stop by my “office” and pick my brain regarding what you could be eating for even better results. 

Away from the gym, I enjoy spending time with my two grown sons, Will and Charlie, and my Golden Retriever, Roscoe.  I am a lifelong seeker of knowledge and always thirsty to learn and try new things. I enjoy creating through knitting and painting furniture and, of course, working out at Fit Body and cooking tasty, nutritious food.

One of my favorite quotes is “None of us is as good as all of us.” (Ray Kroc)  This is how I feel about our gym -- we can go much further together than we could on our own.